Our websites are specially crafted to assist and serve our travellers worldwide regarding creating their travel intenerates. The work of our site is to let our travellers access the travel needs and abide by our site terms and conditions that are discussed here;

our site is specially designed to help our travellers gather details related to travel and travel-related services. Our site is recommending the travel needs, making trouble-free flight reservations with the best assistance of travel suppliers, and there is no other reason.

We advise our customers to carefully read out our terms and conditions to avoid the inconvenience and misunderstanding that may lead to confusion. If you are not agreeing with our terms and condition and will not follow it, you are eligible to access our site.

Airlines Restrictions

General rules

Tickets displayed on our website are particularly subject to the terms and conditions of travel rules and carriage. We and some of the other airlines have the authority to amend the timings of the flight, alter changes in your traveling schedule. We are there to assist our customers with prices and information for all the present airline's services.

Prohibited Practices

By following our terms and conditions, you agree not to purchase any of the flight tickets that consists of any travel segments which you are not eligible to use, like for "back-to-back tickets," any hidden place, "point-beyond," if it is strictly restricted by your selected airlines. You will also accept not to go to purchase any ticket for a round-trip if you plan to use it for one-way travel only if any of the airlines restrict it.

Cancellation and Refunds

Airlines service fees and ticket fees charged during seat booking will get canceled within 24 hrs of your flight departure with a 100% refund. As per airline cancellation policies, additional costs on ticket booking may be there.

Via your phone, airline tickets can be canceled. Refunds will be provided only if you have placed a request with us regarding your cancellation and refund.

Once your cancellation request reaches our team and accepts it, our customer executive will notify you via text or email. However, it is not compulsory to get a refund. The email is proof that your request has reached us and is in process. After receiving your cancellation request, our team will connect to the airline service providers so that waiver can process if you are eligible for a refund. The final decision will be of the airline service provider.

Security warning

Your sole responsibility is that whatever you are selecting for your travel use is free from vicious items like Trojan, viruses, worms, and malicious codes. We are not accountable for any of the loss you got by using our site.