↔ Plan to visit the city of Santa Barbara with Southwest Airlines

Santa Barbara, California is known for its Spanish-styled architectural sights and mountains that glow in the evening sunlight. You can easily find many things to do and see, If you are traveling with family your kids will be engaged for hours. You can visit the city when it is busy with festivals all year round. Visit Fiesta in the month of August and Solstice in June. You can make reservations with Southwest Airlines Reservations and get exciting deals!

↔ Visit the Queens of Mission in Santa Barbara

Queens of the mission is known for its beautiful and graceful view. You can find the real architecture of the city which has been majorly influenced by the Spanish colonial style. In the year 1925, the city was shattered due to an earthquake, and to bring it up back up, it was built in a Spanish revival way, inspiration taken from its name Mission Barbara. Mission Saint Barbara is one of the best catches for tourists who want to know about Spanish life and culture through themed self-guided tours, displays of colonial-era artifacts, and early photographs of the area. Don’t wait for more, then! Book first flight to USA offers a great deal to know about Saint Barbara a bit more in-depth.

↔ Stearns Wharf

You can find Stearns Warf at the end of state street, also called to be the downtown part of Santa Barbara. You will be awestruck by the views of the harbor and beaches along with the view of the mountain. Built-in the year 1872, it was supposedly the longest deep water line between LA and San Francisco. You can find the tour stops here, from local shops to high-end restaurants. You can also visit the Sea Center and the Santa Barbara Museum of National History.

↔ Santa Barbara Beaches

Santa Barbara is known for its breathtaking beaches in the south of California. You can relax by the beach and take the view of the mountains beside. It is the perfect type of beach for any beach lover. People love to play all kinds of beach sports and engage in water adventures.

People love to visit the east and west beach which stretches in the opposite direction of Stearn Wharf and is a classic image of the beaches you will find in California. You can play volleyball here on the soft sand and socialize with the locals on the nearby pubs and restaurant which serves the most finger-licking delicacy when you are too tired to play at the beach.

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↔ Santa Barbara Museum of Art

Santa barbara museum of art is just an expanded project which exhibits a permanent collection of impressionism and southern California abstraction. People love to explore and take a self-guided tour here to understand the beauty and artistic expression of the city. The museum is home to more than 27,000 pieces of artwork and currently houses permanent collections of American, European, and Asian art, including several paintings, sculptures, murals, paintings, and ceramics. Also, don’t miss out on the "Portrait of Mexico Today, 1932," which is the only intact mural in the US by David Alfaro Siqueiros.

↔ The Old Mission Santa Barbara

In the old mission, 18th century it gave its name to the city. You will find a lush and aesthetic courtyard here, shaded tilts, and a tiled roof which shows you the historical significance of the old mission. You can visit the solemn cemetery and also exhibitions which are constructed and help to revive the life of the old here.

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