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You have the option to book one-way or round trip flights on the official site of Southwest that is www.southwest.com and you can book up to 8 passengers in one go. It is easy to fill out the information on the booking page. Just enter the specified information. Southwest provides special tickets for special passengers, including groups (10+) and accompanied kids (2-11). For more information, contact Southwest Airlines.

Promo Codes

If you have received a promo code, you will have to enter it when you search for flights to get discounts on the fares of the flights.

Booking The Flight

When the flights are visible, you can choose the perfect one which is convenient for you. The flights are shown from earliest to latest, but time may not be that important to you. You can filter the search according to what you think is important and how it should be shown. After analyzing all of the flight options, you will know which would suit you the best

Fare on Flights

Southwest offers three types of fare groups - Business Select, Anytime, and Wanna Get Away to get the right price and the benefits as well.

Payment Option

You can pay for your ticket with debit/credit cards which are affiliated with major banks, Southwest LUV Vouchers, and Southwest Gift Cards at any ticketing reception, as well as the option to pay it online. You can also use PayPal for payments on flights and also pay cash obviously. Cash will be accepted at international airport ticket counters.

Flight Tickets Booking through Southwest Airlines App

Download the Southwest Mobile app to have convenience at your end and more control. This app would definitely help you to book your flights at your comfort and is easier than getting hassles at the airport as it gets overcrowded there. This app would help you to sort out everything in advance. Just download the app if you book your flights from Southwest. This App is available on both ios and android platforms both.

The App includes features like:

  • You can book your flight just by tapping a few buttons, check in advance to go through the security easily and hassle-free and you can cancel your domestic or international flights as well on your phone through the app.
  • You can check the status of your flight tickets, Boarding position, and Gate information.
  • You can have access to Mobile Boarding Passes, iPhone and iPad users can save the passes on their Apple Wallet whereas Android users can save on to Google Pay.
  • You can share your flight status through the Southwest app with your friends and family if you've booked someone else's flight as well.
  • You can book or cancel reservations in case you have other options available.
  • You can add Early Bird Check-in which booking the ticket or to a reservation that already had been booked.
  • You can have access to helpful airline information.
  • You can Express Check Out for signed-up users on the App.
  • You can view weather and travel updates as well.

How to book Southwest flight tickets?

Southwest, with its easy procedures to book, change or cancel reservations and outstanding deals and offers, should be your go-to flight for making reservations. Following is the easy step to step guide on how to book, change or cancel your reservations.

Where can you book the tickets?

Visit Southwest.com for the booking of flights. The page will direct you to the Air booking page, where you just have to fill out the departure date, return date, origin, destination, and the number of passengers, and you are sorted.


BOOKING THE FLIGHT: Choose your flight: After you see every one of the flights that fit your inquiry, you can sort them to track down the ideal trip for you. The flights are shown from earliest to most recent. Re-sort the rundown of flights dependent on what is critical to you. For instance, if the cost is the main thing, click on the header of the estimating sections to re-request the rundown from least to most priced. Or on the other hand, possibly you just need to see direct flights. You can re-request that segment or snap on the nonstop box in the Narrow Results territory. Ensure you discover the flight that meets your requirements.

Fare Groups: We have three fare groups- Business Select, Anytime, and Wanna Get Away.

Payment Mode: Payment can be made with major credit cards, unused travel funds, Southwest LUV vouchers, and Southwest gift cards at any Southwest ticketing location, including online at Southwest.com. Payment is also possible with PayPal and cash at select Southwest Ticket Counters.


In case you have brand new traveling plans, no need to worry since Southwest is more than happy to accommodate an untimely change in your travel plans. If booked online, you can easily change it online, otherwise, you can contact the airlines in any other case.

Sadly if you wish to cancel, if you have to cancel your reservations. Southwest is happy to help out by making it easy and accessible to cancel online.

Baggage Policy of Southwest Airlines Reservations

Personal Items inspection

The customer's baggage shall be screened and physically inspected by TSA, and the customer has to be present then. You should place your identification on the inside and outside of your luggage. Southwest Airlines currently prohibits self-defense sprays on any flight regardless if it is checked or carried on.

Other important guidelines for carry-on baggage:

  • Customers can carry 20 spare batteries at one time. You can take a portable charger, phones, laptops, and spare batteries in your carry-on bag.
  • E-cigarettes can be taken on board but cannot be used during travel.
  • One lighter can be permitted in your carry-on.

The Southwest Airlines baggage policy for the basic fare flights are as follows:

  • Carry-on bags
  • One personal item free of charge
  • One carry on item free of charge
  • Checked baggage is limited to 2 items of baggage.
  • Overweight or oversized will have additional charges

Check-in baggage

Southwest allows two checked baggage per customer, and the size and weight shall be according to guidelines which are available on the official site of Southwest Airline.

You may check-in for your Southwest Airlines

  • Online check-in (Web check-in)
  • EarlyBird check-in
  • Mobile check-in
  • Curbside check-in at the airport
  • Self-service kiosk at the airport.
  • Ticket counter check-in at the airport

Improperly packed and fragile items will be accepted subject to limited release, and Southwest shall not be liable for any of such checked-in items of baggage.

Charge of Excess Baggage

Excess baggage shall be charged over the standard bags. Each luggage that is not more than 62 inches and 50 lbs. or under shall be charged $75.00 per item one-way.

Cabin Class Of Southwest Airlines

There is no specific assignment of seating in Southwest airlines, and all are coach class. The upgrade option available is Business select, which has some perks like allowing passengers to choose their seat and place for carry-on luggage.

Seating arrangement

Southwest airlines have open seating and do not assign so if you choose to board with us. You can keep your carry-on in your overhead compartment and under the seat in front of you. The seats are of comfortable length, breadth, and size. But if customers feel that they need to buy additional neighboring seats because they might infringe. It is advisable to buy it proactively for the other customers benefit.

How to make flight Ticket Reservations at the Airport?

Gone are the days when buying tickets was only done at the airport. Some people believe that skipping the middlemen it will make it cheaper for them by going straight to the source. In the hope of getting a seat of their choice, it actually becomes costlier to buy at the airport. Additional charges are rarely removed and some Airlines actually add additional fees if the booking is done at the last minute.

What should you do at the airport?

  • Get help from the airline worker from their respective desks.
  • They will share the details of seats, time of departure, and the arrival of the flight.
  • You will be given a choice of seats and you have to book instantly as you have arrived to travel on that day itself.
  • They will ask for your meal preference
  • And you will be ready to check-in at the departure gate

The major disadvantage of buying last-minute planes is their prices are usually immensely higher than online reservations. You can find yourself in unfortunate situations like dealing with delays and cancellations and you will not get any deals or offers when such happens.

What are the major benefits if you buy tickets online?

  • You can do it at your convenience at the comfort of your home or anywhere.
  • You do not have to waste your time in long queues.
  • You will not be mistaken in comparing the seats and fares.
  • You can save a lot of time before check-ins.
  • You can cancel or change your flights without having to bear any loss.

So if you plan on traveling and you know it beforehand then try to book online because this option of booking tickets at the airport is becoming obsolete because it is inconvenient for the travelers along with being heavy on the pockets.

Southwest Airlines Special Assistance Policy

Southwest Airlines is known for its world-class in-flight experiences at the best affordable rates. With a well-trained staff, fully devoted to giving the best and convenient services to the passengers, the airline has a distinct reputation among them. Passengers admired Southwest's excellent onboard experiences, transparent ticketing service, easy-to-go flight booking system, 24*7 customer services, outstanding family vacation offers, and much more.

Southwest Airlines knows how to handle its customers and how to give them the best in- flight experience they are looking for, especially for the disabled. It keeps a regular check on their special needs and assistance while onboard. Doesn't matter, if they are alone or with their family, Southwest staff is ready to treat them as a family.

If you are planning to book Southwest Airlines Flight tickets from the official website, you can rely completely on the airline for the services and excellent inflight experiences.

Southwest will never let you down!!!

Prior Notice for Special Assistance

Customers with disabilities don't need to provide any advance notice of the need for assistance. However, doing so, helps them to better prepare for the number of Customers who will need help.

They give Customers the opportunity to notify beforehand to Southwest Airlines of any specific disability-related needs during and after booking.

How to Book Special Assistance?

Q. When booking a new reservation:

Ans. For a new reservation for Southwest flights, you can follow these steps to book special assistance for the needy ones.

  • Visit the official website of Southwest Airlines or just write ‘www.southwest .com' on your web browser.
  • Make your journey reservations and fill in the required details on the Passenger & Payment Info page.
  • Click on the "Special Assistance" link below to indicate that he/she requires assistance.
  • Fill in the requisite details for which you need special assistance from Southwest.
  • After you have selected his/her option in the drop-down box, the Customer has to scroll down and complete the entire booking process.
If a reservation has already been created:
  • Click on the "FLIGHT | HOTEL | CAR | VACATIONS" link at the top of Southwest's home page.
  • Select "Manage Reservations" from the "Flight" column; input the requisite information such as Confirmation no, first name, and last name; and then select "Search."
  • Click on the "Special Assistance" link below the Passenger name.
  • Once a Customer has added his/her option(s), then click "Update Information" and all the information will be saved to the Customer's reservation.

You can contact Southwest Airlines customer care for any disability-related travel needs at the time of booking by telephone or, if you have already made a reservation, call 1-800- 435-9792 before travel.

Cancellation and refund policy of Southwest airlines

Are you excited to travel with Southwest airlines? What are your travel plans? Where do you love to fly? Before onboarding southwest airlines flights, you must read out the cancellation and refunds policy of Southwest airlines, then book your flight ticket.

Firstly travellers, always book your tickets in advance, so that at the last moment you will not suffer, as, at the last moment of flight booking, you cannot get non-refundable tickets. For instance- You want to go to Orlando in May, it will be beneficial to you to book your tickets in April; one month prior, this will save your dollars, and you may get non- refundable tickets.

"It's time to write some new traveling chapters in our travel diary."

Flying to our loved vacations is indeed a dream for all of us. If you are one of the dream chasers, we are there for you; Southwest flights have taken a pledge to make you meet your dream destinations. If traveling is the ultimate passion for you, you have hit the right platform; here, you will get your travel solutions.

Southwest airlines are what you are looking for; the low-fare airlines running in the United States have made traveling hassle-free and comfortable. Suppose you are ready to explore your favorite destination in your budget. In that case, the golden opportunity is knocking at our door, book your tickets via Southwest airlines booking and get exceptional offers and tempting discounts.

Our mission is to help our travellers with the best travel opportunities that allow you to watch out for your dream vacay spot with no financial hangover. If you have plan your next trip with us, you will get guaranteed discounts and great tour deals.

Your hunt for low-fare tickets is over now.

Want to grab exclusive tour deals of your loved destination? Come and let's fly together; Southwest flights are bang on there for you, the airlines bring the platter of best flight amenities, low-fare tickets and premium services for you; what else you wish for? You can connect to the southwest airlines website and get budget-friendly deals. Traveling becomes more exciting when you planned everything. With us, you won't only get affordable flights but also get a chance to book your tickets at your convenience. We know our travellers are hunting for the best tour deal; that's why we never miss any chance to be on your top priority; we constantly upload new travel deals that can seize you to make your travel plans. Whether you have planned your traveling or searching for a last-minute escape, we are with you.

Thousands of offers are waiting for you!

With us, your traveling dream will change into reality. We are doing an exhibition of thousands of deals on our website; if you are looking forward to grabbing the beautiful deals, land on the southwest airlines website and select your tour deals. Our team of experts will assist you with the perfect travel deals. Connect with us, and get amazing offers. Our main motto is to deliver great choices for our traveller's sustainable travel.

Belittle wise, get your tickets booked before, and get your full refund if you cannot make your presence on the flight. And apart from that, if you cancel your tickets before 24 hours, you will get a part of your tickets as a refund. OR, you can get refunds in the form of Travel funds (Wanna get Away). You can use travel funds on your next ticket.

Southwest is doing the best for its travellers, if you are one of the luckiest passenger, who is traveling with Southwest, do not worry about a refund. Follow southwest airlines policies and get some part of your ticket as a refund.

Let's catch up in Southwest airlines!

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