Southwestonfly is a reliable and leading booking portal and flight search platform; with our tour packages and great deals at affordable prices, we have stood out in the competition. This privacy policy page is essential for our travelers and for us. We have created this page to make you aware of your privacy concerns and contain details about what data we had acquired from you, how we use your data, and how we protect it.

Before you book your tickets via this site, we advise you to read out the privacy policy.

What data do we collect from our travelers?

Southwestonfly gathers information like your name, surname, permanent address, contact details, email address, postal and IP address, age proof, and current location. It might be possible in some case, that we ask you to give your travel details so that we can avail services accordingly, as per your desire.

How do we gather your data?

Via direct or indirect sources, we acquire information about our travelers. The direct source is referred to as information you share by filling the form on our site, via call, or email. You give your details like name, age, location, address, and contact number.

Indirect sources refer to those data that we capture via cookies that we use on our site. We get data about your location, IP address, how much you have spent on our site, and which page you have been through.

Why storing your data is mandatory?

When you send service requests on our site, we keep your data, send you some promotional tour deals and packages, and tend to accomplish your service request. By keeping your data, we understand our customers' perceptions and how we can embrace your traveling dreams with our travel services.

How do we protect your data?

We have designed our website to give our customers a hassle-free, safe, and reliable flight booking experience. Our website is SSL protected and secure. Customer's security is our prime duty. Without customer's consent, we won't give their details to any third-party and strive to follow all the security standards to protect their details, and you can bind trust-on us.

What if you did not agree to our privacy policy?

In case you do not agree with our privacy policy, we recommend you neither use this website nor acquire our tour services. We are bound to serve you with services if you use our website service repeatedly; indeed, you disagree with the policy.

Contact us

Our team of experts is working round the clock for our customers. If you have any doubts about the privacy policy, call our customer executive and share your concern, they will give the optimum solution.